The Stone Crossing House and the Antler Creek House are intended exclusively for your private, personal enjoyment. They are not commercial properties, but rather private residences. Because these homes are located in quiet and peaceful neighborhoods, it is essential that our renters show the utmost respect and courtesy to our neighbors. To that end, we require that all renters certify they have read and will comply with the following "common sense" neighborhood covenants:

1. The house shall be used exclusively for residential purposes.

2. Garage doors shall be kept closed except when being used to permit ingress and egress to or from the garage. All vehicles shall be parked inside the garage when possible; under no circumstances shall vehicles be parked on the street overnight.

3. No unsightly objects or materials, including but not limited to ashes, trash, garbage or other refuse shall be visible from any neighboring property or street.

4. No noxious, offensive, or hazardous activity which causes embarrassment, discomfort, annoyance, or nuisance to the neighborhood shall be permitted. No annoying lights or sounds shall be permitted to emanate from the residence.

5. No boat, camper or motor home shall be permitted on the premises. Camping trailers shall be parked inside the garage at all times.

6. No vehicle maintenance, service, or repair shall be permitted except inside the closed garage and only to an extent that no annoying sound or smell shall emanate from the premises.